There’s No Way You Can Possibly “Sneak” Relaxer Into Shampoo..No Way!

Published On June 22, 2016 | By Aishia Strickland | #30DayHairDetox

A few weeks back there was a story circulating the Internet about a woman who unknowingly had relaxer mixed into her shampoo. This story of course sent the Internet into an absolute uproar. While the salon in question completely denies the allegations some folks, like myself, are questioning if the claims are true.

What baffles me about this story is that no one took the time to check to see if this is even scientifically possible.13327484_10150660657079957_4196498132580306404_nI decided that it was only right that we get some accurate information from a professional source.


From first glance of the curls in question many professionals are saying that it looks like the client suffered heat damage.

While a pix is worth a thousand words let’s talk about how its chemically impossible for such a claim to be taken seriously.

3 professionals weigh in on how this claim is far fetched and after you read their responses you will understand why.

Roni Jones, professional Hair Stylist out of Los Angeles California had this to say…”Mixing relaxer with shampoo will dilute the strength (reduce the ph) making it impossible to change the structure of the hair enough to straighten it in the short amount of time it takes to shampoo hair. Not to mention relaxer is a very caustic chemical that will irritate and possibly damage the skin if vigorously scrubbing the scalp.
Think about it. People who have had relaxers and started tingling or burning before the relaxer can be completely smoothed throughout the hair…. Your first question after having to rinse is ALWAYS, “Did my hair get straight enough?” What does that tell you about time and working with caustic chemicals?”

Chemist Mellanie Garner was blown away by the claims. “Whoa, mixing relaxer with conditioners and shampoo! That’s crazy. Perhaps some of the ingredients used in relaxers you may find in shampoo/conditioner but I’ve never heard of the entire system being mixed. Either way once you throw the relaxer in with a shampoo or conditioner you alter the effects of the relaxer completely therefore it is not as efficacious or it no longer serves its main purpose as being a relaxer or straightener. As for finding the relaxer type ingredients in your shampoo or conditioner it all depends on what level those ingredients are in the product. Different levels result in different functions, for instance an ingredient can go from being a sulfide Bond breaker to just simply being a PH adjuster depending on the level or amount of the ingredients in the product. Like vitamin c, if it’s not used at a high level to be considered efficacious as a vitamin it sometimes serves as a preservative. All in all, throwing a relaxer in shampoo/conditioner sounds like a waste….for what, you just end up with a fruity sulfur smelling head….quite frankly it sounds crazy and I’m pretty sure it hasn’t been cleared nor tested properly…..As in a research facility or lab as most products are.”

When the question of this practice being done with conditioner was bought up Aeleise J., professional Hair Stylist out of Chicago say’s….”A conditioner is an even lower ph than shampoo. Usually around a 3-5. Same effect of dilution and ph neutralization.”  Aeleise then followed it up with a very informative periscope to put the whole matter into perspective.
Part 1

Part 2

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