Every GOOD Head of Hair Needs a GOOD Trim

Published On March 26, 2013 | By Aishia Strickland | Editor's Picks, Hair



There is something about GOOD Gurls and scissors that most will never understand or get. I would be willing to bet my 1st born that most GOOD Gurls would prefer to get a tooth pulled than to get her ends trimmed. But what’s truly unfortunate about this is that the very hair that they are atttempting to save is the very hair that they’re hurting.

According to Audrey Davis-Sivashothy’s comprehensive guide to textured hair care, The Science of Black Hair, “we’ve all had a bout or two (or three) with trim fear.” Getting your hair trimmed shouldn’t leave you filled with anxiety, but it should be something that should be looked at as necessary maintenance to achieving GOOD Hair.

Davis-Sivasothy says:

Trimiming textured hair serves three major maintence purposes:

  1. reactive maintenance to remove already damaged hair and ends
  2. preventive maintenance to remove old, worn hair at the ends regardless of condition.
  3. aesthetic maintenance to even up hair that has overgrown and to give a fuller appearance to the hair’s hemline (ends) regardless of condition.

So ladies, it’s time to put an end to those raggedy ends and set yourself an important date with those scissors. Trust me, your hair will thank you later!

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