The Wash and Go Lie: Let’s Vote To Change The Name

Published On April 9, 2015 | By Aishia Strickland | Hair

When I was newly natural in 2011 and I can’t tell you how many wash and go tutorials I watched. I mean, it was like the one hairstyle that EVERYBODY couldn’t stop talking about.  After transitioning for a month I did the big chop and of course with my little TWA I was all about that wash and go life.

Well let’s fast forward a year or so later when my hair started to acquire more length and the wash and go started to seem more like a wash and keep going. The more length I acquired the more time I spent washing and not going anywhere for awhile.  I don’t know who coined the name wash and go but it couldn’t have been someone with multi-textured 3C hair.

For quite some time I’ve found the name “Wash and Go” to be a bit deceptive.  The only time I’ve had the luxury to go is when my hair was the length of Amber Rose.  I couldn’t be the only one suffering in silence…I recently reached out to our Instagram Fam to see if they too struggled with this bald headed natural hair lie and asked them to come up with a new name.

Well they are very creative bunch and I think they may have nailed down a new moniker that fits the bill.  I decided it would be a good idea to take a poll and let the community have a say.

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