Taneda Finally Get’s Her Natural Hair Hydrated with the 30dayhairdetox

Published On July 6, 2016 | By Aishia Strickland | #30DayHairDetox

Taneda Holloway-Ashaolu from Jamaica, New York


How did you hear about the detox and what encouraged you to join?

I happened to see it on I was desperate to figure out something when it came to my hair. I was 6 months post dermatologist visits with cortisone shots to my scalp to aid in hair growth and stop hair loss. Having no change after this point, I thought my hair was destined to fall out


Your previous regimen?

I was using Youtube to guide me. I’d detangle and section my hair into 4’s to minimize the tangles and shedding (which it never seemed to). THEN wash with black soap (because i heard it helps with getting rid of the fungus i thought i had on my scalp ) AND apple cider vinegar (that i heard was super cleansing) AND a moisturizing shampoo while re twisting the sections as I went. I would then condition with my hair in sections and then wash out and applying the deep conditioner. Id then sit under a steamer or wear a conditioning cap. Wash out and then add my leave in, oil and shea butter mix while twisting my hair in smaller sections. This process would take me hours and because of my hair being in twists drying, I couldn’t socialize that day. But even with all that my hair was the pits and having learn alot from 30day hair detox I know why.


What has the 30dayhairdetox taught you?

I learn to K.I.S.S…. keep it simple stupid. I clarify and use a moisturizing shampoo with conditioner. Then I only use a leave in, detangle and use a curl styler and I’m done. No need to apply oil!!! With my short hair it takes my 20 minutes and Im cute. It took me these past 4 months to learn and understand my hair. I’ve learned water is the only thing that can moisturize my hair and with moisturized hair my curls are fabulous and well defined. My hair is really soft not the greasy soft that I use to seek with shea butters and oils. I also now now what my hair feels like and what it can do. It rarely tangles or gets dry.

How long it took you cleanse, condition and style in the past and how long it takes you now?

I went from all day process to 20 minutes

What frustrated you about your hair in the past and what makes you happy about it now?

I was always fighting tangles and shedding and that two things that i don’t even think about anymore, that problem was eradicated once I discovered how to impart moisture in my hair. And BAYBE, let me tell you that my hair is growing like weeds, thank you 30hairdetox

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What Is The #30DayHairDetox?

One day we were sitting around the salon in Chicago discussing the “trends” in natural hair. As I was educating a client on how all the “right” things she was doing for her hair were actually causing her issues, Aisha got the brilliant idea to turn my so-called method into a challenge. Everybody else has challenges for length retention and protective styling, why not one for removing all the gunk we pile on our hair daily? Enter the #30dayhairdetox. It’s 30 days of :

No Shea Butter
No Coconut Oil
No Castor Oil
No Eco Styler

1. Hair Should Be Simple
We’re doing too damn much when it comes to our hair. Butters on top of oils on top of conditioners on top of more oil. Cleansing the buildup with lotion-y cleansers. Slicking down our edges with sludge and gels that feel like glue. The underlying theme of this challenge is really just wash your damn hair. With shampoo. And use simple conditioning and styling products with water based and water soluble ingredients.

2. Moisture = Water
When you get thirsty you don’t reach for the bottle of olive oil, right? Moisture = water. Oil= sealant. If you don’t clarify the oil layer off of the hair and allow water to get into the cuticle you’re moisturizing dry hair. Water evaporates in 4-7 days from hair so adding coconut or Shea to dry hair then co washing our using weaker sulfate free shampoos contributes to the experience of dry hair.

3. There Are Better Products Than The Shea Based Ones . . .
Don’t shoot me. I know Shea based products are holy grail staples for many naturals. In my practice as a natural hairstylist for the last 5 years more than 75% of clients complaining of dry, brittle hair were using these products daily. Once we removed the layers and layers of buildup the hair was able to absorb moisture again.

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