Keneesha Joins the 30dayhairdetox to Prove Aeleise and Aishia Wrong, Resulting in the Best Curls of Her Life

Published On July 25, 2016 | By Aishia Strickland | #30DayHairDetox

Keneesha Hodge from Chicago, Illinois


I stumbled across the 30 Day Hair detox shortly after reading an “shockingly offensive” article asking me to leave Shea butter alone. Like really?! Why?! Soon after I came across another article showing pictures of women who went 30 days without the use of castor oil, coconut oil and Shea butter. After deciding the articles’s claims of newly popping curls were from women who already had naturally curly hair while I didn’t, I decided this challenge was another joke. In a devilish attempt to be the person to OUT this challenge as fraud, I joined the next scheduled session. I was so anxious cause I never had such cruel intentions in my life, but at the time this information came along I was so “informed” about what my hair was and wasn’t capable of doing, it was my due diligence to prove Aishia and Aeleise, the creators of this challenge wrong. Therefore, I joined the 30 Day Hair Detox and decided I would be sure to participate properly in order to prove my suspicions true and I would proudly show my unchanged hair after 30 days. I WAS WRONG!!! And I’m glad. Not only did I develop a new relationship with my hair after 7 years post big chop, I found a curl pattern I NEVER knew existed.


Let’s see…I tried no shampoo, previously learning co-wash meant conditioner washing only, so I practiced that for a long time. I tried cleansing with black soap, most recently, baking soda and apple cider vinegar. By the time I was rescued by the detox I had been regularly using Greek yogurt for protein because my hair had been breaking and falling out for two straight years and at the time I didn’t understand why.


Oh boy! The 30 Day Hair Detox has taught me so many things I feel like I’m new to wearing my natural hair.
1. Fabulous hair is not just genetics, but comes from a PROPER hair regimen.
2. Shampoo is my friend and also where TRUE moisture begins.
3. Conditioner is the TRUE moisture sealer.
4. Water (Insert Navin Johnson voice here) is all the moisturizer I need!!
5. The actual difference between cream and gel stylers, their best functions and that THEY DO NOT CONTRIBUTE TO MOISTURE AND HYDRATION despite label claims.
6. Shea butter and oils are not my enemy but certainly not my BFF. I now just use them on my skin until I learn that’s not best for me either.
7. Cleansing and styling my hair is not a part-time job, and I’ve wasted many years working for free that could’ve been spent having more fun instead.
8. And most importantly a just for me bonus, I TOO CAN HAVE POPPING CURLS!!


Previously, wash day was just that; an entire day or half day, sometimes one night and the next day set aside to cleanse and style my hair. I was doing both with my hair in four sections cause it was supposed to be easier. Cleansing was about an hour or more while styling took what was left of my adult life.

Now my twist styles can be done in 2-4 hours and I can now do a wash and go in 45 minutes; less if I stop admiring my curls in the mirror when I’m adding styling product.

The number one thing that always frustrated me about my hair was manageability. It was always difficult cleansing and styling and of course I had long ago determined wash and go was a no no. My hair also easily tangled making every step of my care routine a challenge.


What makes me most happy about my hair now is the breakage immediately stopped so now I can see growth. I’m finally seeing my extremely unique curls jump up and dance while I cleanse and condition. I spend less time on my cleanse and style routine and my hair actually behaves. My twist out and wash and go look soooo amazing, and even when they don’t, they still look good cause my hair only looks defined and frizzy, not dry and frizzy.
My new beautiful hair has increased my selfie, yes selfie confidence. I don’t stress over restyling anymore. I love water and think I’m addicted to washing my hair. My hair communicates with me now, telling me what she loves, what’s just ok and what’s a no no. No more fits, pleading and yelling at my hair in the mirror because I don’t know what I’m doing. My hair is 100% manageable today and I love it more now than ever. The struggle is finally and permanently over.


If your natural hair has you frustrated, taking up too much of your time or you don’t know what products we would like to invite you to subscribe to the
What Is The #30DayHairDetox?
One day we were sitting around the salon in Chicago discussing the “trends” in natural hair. As I was educating a client on how all the “right” things she was doing for her hair were actually causing her issues, Aisha got the brilliant idea to turn my so-called method into a challenge. Everybody else has challenges for length retention and protective styling, why not one for removing all the gunk we pile on our hair daily? Enter the #30dayhairdetox. It’s 30 days of :
No Shea Butter
No Coconut Oil
No Castor Oil
No Eco Styler
1. Hair Should Be Simple
We’re doing too damn much when it comes to our hair. Butters on top of oils on top of conditioners on top of more oil. Cleansing the buildup with lotion-y cleansers. Slicking down our edges with sludge and gels that feel like glue. The underlying theme of this challenge is really just wash your damn hair. With shampoo. And use simple conditioning and styling products with water based and water soluble ingredients.
2. Moisture = Water
When you get thirsty you don’t reach for the bottle of olive oil, right? Moisture = water. Oil= sealant. If you don’t clarify the oil layer off of the hair and allow water to get into the cuticle you’re moisturizing dry hair. Water evaporates in 4-7 days from hair so adding coconut or Shea to dry hair then co washing our using weaker sulfate free shampoos contributes to the experience of dry hair.
3. There Are Better Products Than The Shea Based Ones . . .
Don’t shoot me. I know Shea based products are holy grail staples for many naturals. In my practice as a natural hairstylist for the last 5 years more than 75% of clients complaining of dry, brittle hair were using these products daily. Once we removed the layers and layers of buildup the hair was able to absorb moisture again.

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