Davyea Found Her True Natural Curl Pattern with the 30dayhairdetox

Published On July 6, 2016 | By Aishia Strickland | #30DayHairDetox

Davyea Monique Beaumont, Texas


I happened upon the detox while perusing through the internet reading natural hair articles. I came across an article that demanded my immediate attention. It preached that I should stop using oils, butters, and my precious Eco Styler gel! I was good with cutting the oils and butters because I barely used them anyway but Eco Styler, my precious Eco Styler!? These people have lost their ever loving minds! Okay, so they are crazy, that has been established…but should I try it anyway? I decided in the affirmative. Why? Because the challenge was not difficult, the rules were pretty simple, and the article made sense. It was logical. Water = moisture = Logical.


Previously, my hair routine involved using a shampoo and conditioner marketed for natural hair and recommended by anyone with nice looking natural hair. I followed that up with and a leave-in conditioner and styling custard or cream that I chose randomly in the store because I liked the promises on the package or because, of course, it was recommended. Lastly, my precious Eco Styler laid my edges down and made me ready for life! …or so I thought. The truth was, I had no curl definition and my hair was not as hydrated as was possible. In truth, using Eco Styler gel was like me slapping a hand full of rubbery glue in my head which produced deceitfully beautiful results.


The 30dayhairdetox has taught me the true meaning of hydrated/moisturized hair. It has taught me how to find and maintain my true, natural, curl pattern. It has taught me that I must clarify. I had never clarified my hair a day in my natural hair life. My beautician most likely clarified it every two months when I would get my ends trimmed but that still was not enough. I have learned to stay away from so called natural hair gurus. If their system does not line up with the principles of the detox then I want no part of it! I have learned the value of using water soluble products and now understand that when it comes to quality products, you can not always base your decision to buy on price. Before, I would stand in Sally’s for at least an hour trying to determine which product to buy and at what cost to my pockets. Now, I have a go to list of products and I buy based on the benefits to the health of my hair and not the cost to my pockets. Truth be told, in the long run, the approved products end up being more cost effective as they last much longer and are more concentrated. I have learned through the 30dayhairdetox that you can not buy quality products from any vendor. If the vendor is not approved by the company that produces the product, it is likely you are purchasing a watered down or expired product. You save a penny but you lose quality.


I am so grateful to the 30dayhairdetox. I have learned so much that it is difficult to recall it all. My once limp curls now have life! I honestly feel like my hair is happy with me and I know, for sure, I am happy with my hair!!!

If your natural hair has you frustrated, taking up too much of your time or you don’t know what products we would like to invite you to subscribe to the Is The #30DayHairDetox?

One day we were sitting around the salon in Chicago discussing the “trends” in natural hair. As I was educating a client on how all the “right” things she was doing for her hair were actually causing her issues, Aisha got the brilliant idea to turn my so-called method into a challenge. Everybody else has challenges for length retention and protective styling, why not one for removing all the gunk we pile on our hair daily? Enter the #30dayhairdetox. It’s 30 days of :
No Shea Butter
No Coconut Oil
No Castor Oil
No Eco Styler
1. Hair Should Be Simple
We’re doing too damn much when it comes to our hair. Butters on top of oils on top of conditioners on top of more oil. Cleansing the buildup with lotion-y cleansers. Slicking down our edges with sludge and gels that feel like glue. The underlying theme of this challenge is really just wash your damn hair. With shampoo. And use simple conditioning and styling products with water based and water soluble ingredients.
2. Moisture = Water
When you get thirsty you don’t reach for the bottle of olive oil, right? Moisture = water. Oil= sealant. If you don’t clarify the oil layer off of the hair and allow water to get into the cuticle you’re moisturizing dry hair. Water evaporates in 4-7 days from hair so adding coconut or Shea to dry hair then co washing our using weaker sulfate free shampoos contributes to the experience of dry hair.
3. There Are Better Products Than The Shea Based Ones . . .
Don’t shoot me. I know Shea based products are holy grail staples for many naturals. In my practice as a natural hairstylist for the last 5 years more than 75% of clients complaining of dry, brittle hair were using these products daily. Once we removed the layers and layers of buildup the hair was able to absorb moisture again.

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