Chocolate Curl Chat with The Periscope Princess Africa Miranda

Published On September 30, 2015 | By Aishia Strickland | Editor's Picks, Lifestyle

Periscope is the newest kid on the Social Media block and people like Africa Miranda are taking it by storm.  We caught up with Africa to talk about her life as the Periscope Princess, her favorite lipstick at the moment and what she believes to be a ‘must have’ item for naturals.

First let me explain how Periscope works…it allows individuals to hold their very own live broadcast while allowing that individual hosting the broadcast to communicate with their viewers in real time. It essence it’s raw and totally uncut!

Actress/Host/TV Personality Africa Miranda has taken this very unique platform and used it to discuss everything from what she’s wearing, to social issues and she even shares tips on being a talent in the industry.

Check out our Chocolate Curl Chat that we had with Miss. Africa


I discovered you on Periscope and your something like the Princess of Periscope…how did you become the Periscope Princess? The title started as a little joke on my Instagram from a friend and it kind of stuck.

How long have you’ve been natural? I’ve been natural since 2008.

What do you love about being natural? What part about being natural makes you frustrated? I love the versatility that I have with natural hair and how it can literally be transformed with different techniques and product. There is some frustration that comes when I want to just go to bed without prepping my hair for the next day or when a product doesn’t turn out as I hoped. But overall I’ve learned to love my hair for what it is instead of focusing on what it is not.

How would you describe your overall style? Mahogany meets Breakfast at Tiffany’s

What’s your one must have item that you think every natural must have? A good leave-in. I think it is the imagemost under appreciated item in your hair arsenal.

I recently spotted a post on your IG about embracing your edges…can we talk about that because laid edges are all the rage….just so you know my edges don’t lay down either and I don’t have time to take 20mins to make it happen—- my edges have never been “laid” unless it was when I was relaxed and had a fresh touch-up. It used to be something I felt self-conscious about; especially when I was relaxed. I know it is a huge focus for some and that is fine, but again I think life is much easier when you accept what your hair (and edges) will and won’t do.

What’s your favorite season? SUMMER

Favorite lipstick right now? MAC Velvet Teddy

Falls approaching, what’s one item Africa must have for Fall? I love flat over the knee boots for fall. You can be comfortable but still polished.

What does Africa do when she isn’t on periscope? When am I not on Periscope? Lol! I love to read, workout, spend time with friends/family. I’m also a singer so I love to catch live music or concerts when I can as well.

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