7 Women Use the 30dayhairdetox to Overcome Dry Natural Grey Hair

Published On August 8, 2016 | By Aishia Strickland | #30DayHairDetox

Maintaining moisture seems to be an issue for Naturals everywhere…adding grey hair to the mix creates a whole  new level in the natural hair hydration/moisture matrix.  

To get a better understanding of what Naturals with grey hair have to go through let’s go over a little hair science. Our hair consist of 3 layers…the cuticle, cortex and medulla.  Everytime we use shampoo the cuticle lifts allowing water to enter the hair strand but with grey hair the game changes, grey strands can have up to 25 layers of cuticle.

You think you have issues with keeping your hair hydrated/moisturized, imagine trying to get up to 25 layers of cuticle to lift..think low porosity issues times a Million.

Although grey hair can be challenging to moisturize it’s not an unattainable feat. We asked women from our 30dayhairdetox Private Facebook group to share their experience on being grey.  We also asked them to share how the 30dayhairdetox has made their grey hair more manageable.

Seven women shared their experience and here’s what they had to say…


“My hair is 90% grey. I think what has been most helpful for me is learning how to properly wash and condition my hair with the proper products. I have had grey hair since I was in my late 20’s so I know how unruly grey hair is. I also know it is very stubborn and does what it wants to do. I am learning that grey hair has layers of cuticles which really helps me to understand the difficulties of my hair absorbing water. But since I have been doing the detox my hair has been absorbing more water. I still have issues with the right side of my hair as I still have a hard time retaining water on thst side. But overall, the detox has helped me greatly”


“I have salt and pepper hair which started in my early 30s. My grey patch in the front is the most prominent. The rest just crept up on me 😱. I LOVE my grey hair and until the detox, I didn’t realize grey hair lacks protein. Fortunately, my grey hasn’t been too unruly 🤗 and I am currently using the Deva Decadence One Conditioner to help maintain my grey coils. ☺️. So far so good.”


“I’m 100% silver. The one thing that has been most helpful is monthly clarifying along with washing my hair twice a week and using good products. Prior to the detox, my crown and temple area would not curl… I had to manipulate it by finger coiling. Now it curls on its own and I can get a minimum of 3 days with my WnG. I get compliments everywhere I go!!”


“I have about 40% grey I used to have problems with my grey hair yellowing. Since I started the detox I’m watchful of the products I use I stay away from any products that have yellow dyes in them and clarify/chelate regularly. I also use a violet shampoo/conditioner on a regular basis.”


“I’m about 10-15% grey, mostly in the crown of my head. I’m still learning to handle it, but it’s softer than it used to be. I’ve learned to add more conditioner to that area. It feels a little more sparse than other areas, so I also am more gentle. It has definitely started curling more. I’ve also learned that when it’s really standing out (visually) is when it’s at its thirstiest, so I’ve been washing my hair on average twice a week. In general, it’s improved all around.”


“My hair is salt and pepper with the bulk of grey is around my hair line. Clarifying my hair has been the most helpful in maintaining my grey hair. I have also found that shampooing and conditioning even 2-3 days has been extremely helpful with hydration. Using water based products have been beneficial to my hair and my greys are thanking me. While the greys along the front and right side are slow to hydrate I am okay with that as I see the progress I have made in 6 months and know that they will get there.”


“I am graying gracefully and really loving how it glows. My most prominent gray is in front and along the front sides with salt and pepper throughout my hair.

My gray was wiry, dry, brittle, unruly and dull before joining 30dayhairdetox. What I have learned and found to be true in maintaining my gray hair is that you must keep it healthy; shampoos and hair conditioners are very important in keeping this gray of mine looking great and shiny. But, what is more important in my 30dayhairdetox regimen is the fact that I was able to learn what clarifying shampoos, moisturizing shampoos and conditioners worked for this gray hair. I now know other than just shampooing, moisturizer is an important part for maintaining that unruly gray in keeping it soft and sealing in the moisture that is so needed. It was equally important to me that I needed to get familiar with each product and know how the products affected my gray hair.

I spoke with a friend which I had not seen nor spoken with in almost a year. I called her to invite her to an outting with me and the first thing she said, ‘I saw your picture on facebook and your hair! Your gray is beautiful.’ As she was talking about my gray, in amazement, I tried telling her about the products I used and 30dayhairdetox, she heard nothing but continued telling me how distinctive it was. Thanks goes out to the group, love, love love them.”

Don’t allow the lack of moisture to keep your natural hair from being GREAT…get your curls IN-FORMATION and head over to the to learn more about the 30dayhairdetox.

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