7 Reasons Why the Natural Hair Community is Not Here for Sarah’s Story on CurlyNikki.com

Published On July 8, 2014 | By Aishia Strickland | Editor's Picks, Hair

So, last week  I was tagged to a feature on Curly Nikki.com and to the surprise of many the featured beauty was a fellow curly from a “different” community. Now I’m all for volumeinclusion and everything but the natural community has been rather exclusive to those who go against the mainstream standard of beauty, those who have afro-textured hair, those who have regained a new life and identity post relaxers and those who are still battling the status quo when it comes to hair “standards.

Really the fact that she’s white is not the problem…I think that her story was neither compelling/relatable enough to the core audience of CurlyNikki.com to get some of that sisterly love.

I will admit I’ve had some really good conversations with some of my white girlfriends about hair, especially those with a curler texture. As funny and even relatable as their stories were there still were some differences between what Sarah goes through and what I go through when it comes to my multi-textured hair vs. her curly. While a lot of people were up in arms there were those who didn’t see the big deal. I would agree that is not a big deal but there are some very clear reasons why people were not here for Sarah’s “struggle”…

7 reasons why the kinky/coily/curly hair community was not here for Sarah’s hair “struggle”:

  1. While more and more women are embracing their multi-textured hair it still manages to fascinate many…so much so that they want to run their fingers through it or take this as an opportunity to play petting zoo….I’m pretty sure no one has asked Sarah “can I touch your hair”…Sarah has had that 8th wonder of the world experience
  2. I’m pretty sure Sarah has never been ogled or stared at when she wears her curly hair free…I don’t know about you guys but in various environments I am often stared or leered at.
  3. Sarah did not come to share anything profound or earth shattering to add to the conversation about natural hair…Maybe she help a few people with products but her hair “struggle” was not all that unique or impressive.
  4. There are no social/political agendas tied to Sarah’s hair…Sarah should get a one-way ticket on google and check out the social/political agendas tied to hair of the multi-textured beauty.
  5. Sarah will never know the anxiety/pressure that some women from the multi-textured community have when it comes to choosing a hairstyle for an interview and after landing said gig wondering when will it be a good time to give them a Diana Ross/Chaka Khan hair tribute.
  6. I bet Sarah has not been approached by a random stranger asking “Are you having a bad hair day” as a greeting…Real life situation…trust random man was handed his life and then-some!
  7. The last and final thing that sent the natural hair community over the roof was the very fact that Sarah talked about being natural as if she was culturally sound and aware of the movement. Like she herself has experienced and is aware of the historical struggles of natural hair. *please refer back to points 1-6

While I think that there is a lot to be learned from any and everybody, I  do think that it’s challenging for the community to embrace Sarah’s “struggles” when said “struggles” don’t quite align with the community as a whole. I also think that if she or even Nikki had written this post from a different angle, possibly writing it from an angle of how the natural hair community has helped her then maybe just maybe…the community would have been down to embrace her “struggle”. But because her “struggle” didn’t quite align with the community they want her to have a stadium of seats and just enjoy the show.

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