6 Tips to Take Your Natural Hair from Blah to Ta-Da

Published On July 13, 2015 | By Aishia Strickland | Hair

Is your natural hair making you frown instead of smile? Are you frustrated with the current state of your natural hair? Are you thinking about hanging it up and slapping some perm on your scalp? Before you throw in the towel here are some tips that can reignite your love for your natural hair.

1.Be Patient

solange wig

If only your hair would only grow like Rupunzels or resist the temptation to revert in the summer heat your your life would be absolutely perfect.  Chill out ladies, let your hair be what it’s going to be, let it grow at the speed it’s gonna grow and please by all means resist the temptation to rock straight hair styles in the summer. Straight hair and summer make about as much sense as wearing shorts or bikini in the dead of winter.

2.Change Your Productsshampoo

It is very important to change out the products you use to wash and style your hair periodically. I personally would suggest changing the brand of products you use out seasonally. What works for Winter may not be all that perfect for summer and vice versa.

3. Reevaluate Your Regimen Nicki-Minaj-Shows-Off-Natural-Hair-In-The-Form-Of-A-Ponytail

Very recently I had a friend of a friend reach out to me for some curl assistance and while chatting with her I realized that her current regimen wasn’t giving her the results she desired. For example she had a spray bottle however she only had water in hers and she wasn’t using it to refresh her hair as often as she could. I also found out she was over washing her hair…Samantha shared that she washed her hair every other day. Excessive washing with shampoo can lead to dry and limp hair.

4. Get Your Hair Shaped

I can not stress enough how important it is to have your hair professionally shaped. Having your hair shaped is the difference between having ordinary hair and extraordinary hair. Hair shaping also allows you to be cute while growing your hair out to your desired length.

5. Try Something Newundercut

If you’ve been following Good Hair Magazine for some time I’m sure you have been inspired to try something new different and exciting with your hair. Get a weave or a ‘girlfriend’, a wig as my Friend Jeri would say, both are perfect ways to experiment without the long term commitment.When your hair isn’t giving you life it’s time to give it some new life with a new style or look.

6. Add Some Color

Adding color is a surefire way to take your hair from 50 to 1,000.  Hair color adds dimension, texture and some much needed personality to your hair.

Don’t let you hair get the best of you, it’s time you take control and have the best of it! Don’t wait another moment get your hair Ta-da ready!

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