5 Reasons Why the LOC Method is a Load Of Crap

Published On July 19, 2016 | By Aishia Strickland | #30DayHairDetox

So the other day I was perusing one of the many Natural Hair groups I happen to belong to and there was a thread about the LOC Method.  The LOC method is an application technique, very popular amongst naturals, that involves applying products to the hair starting with the Liquid followed by Oil and finished off with a Cream.


The poster asked the following…

Question: if water cannot penetrate or blend with oil, how does the LOC method (liquid, oil then cream) make sense??
Is it easier for liquid and cream to mix rather than liquid and oil, so how can cream seal oil??

As a cosmetology student whose studying with an experienced natural hair stylist I’ve quickly learned that the LOC method is an absolute Load of Crap and here’s why…

1. Oil Is not a Sealer

Yes Ladies and gentlemen, you read that correctly…Oil is NOT a sealer.  In fact the hair is actually sealed during the conditioning step.  Conditioner has always functioned as a sealer, prior to it’s application the hair feels rough.  That’s because shampoo raises the cuticle and conditioner comes behind and smoothes things over closing the cuticle and sealing in all that moisture/hydration. 

2. The LOC Method is confusing

Prior to the 30dayhairdetox I was an avid user of the LOC Method and for the longest time I found it to be a bit perplexing. While I understood water to be the liquid (although sometimes I would consider my leave-in to be so but sometimes I used a creamy leave-in…see how it get’s confusing), coconut oil was my oil of choice (and I used waaaaay tooooo much) and cream was whatever cream I had on hand.  After getting through over 900 hours of Cosmetology school this doesn’t make any sense, that’s not how hair styling works at all.  

Hair styling involves a physical change of breaking down the hydrogen bonds by using either heat or water to manipulate the hair into a desired style.  Styling products such as mousse, defining creams, setting lotions are then used to hold the manipulated style in place. This means that whatever products you use after your conditioner need to have a purpose in helping you to achieve your desired style or else you’re going to end up like most women who say that their twist outs don’t make it past 24hrs…cause most of us aren’t using stylers with hold.

3. It doesn’t jive with the science of hair

There’s science to hair!!? Yes, there is! And understanding the science of hair will help us all to understand how to properly care for our hair.  According to the science the only way to truly moisturize/hydrate the hair is to have a very through cleansing and conditioning regimen filled with botanically based ingredients.  Moisture/hydration is something that does not come from oils, butter, greases or hair milks…in fact it is not something you can buy and just apply to your hair.  

4. Oils and butters play no part in moisture/hydration

Ask yourself,…”when I get thirsty, what do a I grab to quench my thirst?”   Surely oils, butters, greases and milks don’t come to mind…your hair is no different than your body and it’s thirst need’s to be quenched with water.

5. Most products have Oil…how much do you really need?

Well formulated products contain oils that are perfectly blended to give your hair the added benefits needed.  Adding more oil to your hair creates more residue, build up and attracts a LOAD of lint and dirt.  You’re probably rolling your eyes and thinking “she don’t know what she talumbout, I need my oil!”  I’m here to tell you that you don’t and in fact it’s totally possible to style and maintain your hair without it.  I and a number of 30dayhairdetox participants have been oil free since January 2016 and I can honestly tell you that my hair doesn’t miss it.

So what’s a girl to do without the LOC Method???

She learns to simply Cleanse, Condition and Style her hair using products that will best benefit her in achieving moisturized/hydrated hair. 

Remember moisture does not come from a bottle and cleansing and conditioning are the light and the way to having the best moisturized/hydrated curls of your life!

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