5 Reasons Why The #30DayHairDetox is Better than Any Other Hair Challenge You’ve Ever Done

Published On December 31, 2015 | By Aishia Strickland | #30DayHairDetox, Editor's Picks, Hair

When Aeleise first mentioned to me that we’re (Naturals) using too much coconut oil I honestly felt like she was talking crazy.  How dare she speak against my holy grail, however after discussing it further and actually realizing there was a ton a truth to what she was saying I thought let’s make this a challenge.  Aeleiese agreed and we conspired to change the way naturals care for their hair and choose/use the products they put on their hair.

I’ve been a natural for 4+ years and I have never felt the need to participate in any hair challenge.  I’ve seen protective style challenges, no heat challenges, retain your length challenge but I have never seen a challenge that actually educated participants on how to properly care for and take care of their hair.

Here are the 5 Reasons why The #30DayHairDetox is Better than any other Hair Challenge out there..

1.The #30DayHairDetox is Simple and Straightfoward

For 30 straight days we’re asking participants to forgo the use of coconut oil, shea butter, castor oil and Eco Styler.  We’re also asking that participants not use products that list any of these items within the first 5 ingredients on the product’s label.  Simple right? We know this is going to be a little hard for our coconut oil loving friends but trust us, your curls are going to be banging when it’s all over!

2. Natuaral Hair Stylist Aeleise J. is Spilling Major Tea12299252_984616058278282_6332670297281275051_n

Aeleise J. has been a Hair Stylist for 9 years and she’s been styling Natural hair exclusively for 6 years.  She’s seen her share of client’s doing all the “right” things to their hair.  She’s also witnessed an epidemic of dry hair due to the overuse and abuse of coconut oil and shea butter.  She wants to help us all get our curls right and give us the truth on how it really should be done.

3. You Will Learn how to properly care for your hair

Based on the Periscope broadcast we’ve held this week one things for certain, there is a ton of misinformation being shared out in these Natural Hair streets.  Our goal is to be sure that you guys are getting the naked truth on how to keep your curls clean, hydrated and thriving!

4. You will Learn how to properly use the products Avaliable on the market

We are going to be discussing how to properly hydrate your hair, that oils should never be used for pre-pooing, introduce you to lighter oils and butters, teach you guys that oil is not a moisturizer and that there is no way to actually moisturize your hair after it has been initially sealed.

5. The #30DayHairDetox is not Sponsored by any Company

Aeleise and I are not being endorsed by anyone, we simply want Naturals to learn some simple techniques that will pave the road for the best curls of their lives.

The #30DayHairDetox is expected to be revolutionary for a number of reasons but it is most certainly destined to be informative and curl changing in many ways.

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Because Hydrated Curls Are Best!


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