18 Product Recommendations to Get Your Natural Hair 30dayhairdetox Ready

Published On August 14, 2016 | By Aishia Strickland | #30DayHairDetox

We’re always getting asked ‘what’s the best product’ for this and that…and to be honest there isn’t a “BEST” product that’s one size fit all.  While we will always advocate for naturals to follow a regimen with products that are full of water soluble silicones and botanically based ingredients, things like density, surface texture, porosity, length and climate are always going to play a major part in what each individual chooses for their regimen.

For those that decide to join us for the 30dayhairdetox Challenge we provide them with a list of well formulated products.  To give you guys a taste of what our subscribers have access to we randomly choose 18 products from the list to help get you started.  These products were chosen because they contain water soluble ingredients, they have botanically based ingredients, they don’t have coconut oil, castor oil or shea butter within the first 5 of the ingredients (they are actually a few products that bypass this criteria because they are well formulated and play well with other products) and they are concentrated and well formulated products. 

As for those ingredients that are hard to pronounce we used the cosmetic ingredients dictionary created by to get a through understanding of the product in addition to making sure if it was something worth putting on our sacred tresses.

If you would like full access to the entire recommended list please be sure to subscribe the 30dayhairdetox Challenge course.  The course is set to launch September 8th and it will include detail vids, questionaires, worksheets and informational pdfs.

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